- To promote British intangible heritage in all its variety through dance, music, games, rituals, customs and other arts;

- To support the activities of its members and non-governmental organizations working in the areas of folklore and cultural heritage;

- To maintain peace and strengthen friendship between countries of the World;

- To promote international understanding particularly in the field of folk art and folk culture.


Festivals, organisations, groups and individuals, who are engaged in the field of folklore, and who support the aims of CIOFF UK.

There are two categories of membership: 'full members' and 'associate members'. Membership subscriptions are listed on the application form and are collected annually.


Membership Certificate
All members shall receive CIOFF UK Membership Certificate, which is issued annually upon the renewal of Membership.

CIOFF Annual Calendar
All members shall receive copies of the annual CIOFF Calendar containing a detailed list of CIOFF International festivals around the World and National CIOFF Contacts. Details of the International Festivals – Members of CIOFF UK will be listed in the International CIOFF Calendar.

CIOFF UK Web-site – Members “Log In” Facility
CIOFF UK Website is being reconstructed at present and to include Members “Log In” Section, which will allow all the CIOFF UK members:
• to insert and update their own entry on CIOFF UK Website, including logo, photographic and video information;
• to access the “Invitations to International Folklore Festivals”
• to access all the main CIOFF and CIOFF UK documents in pdf. format

CIOFF UK Web-site – General
CIOFF UK Members will also be able to enjoy the following benefits on the new CIOFF UK Website:
• Direct link to their own Website
• Chance to advertise any folklore events organised by CIOFF UK Members in UK.

CIOFF International Folklore Groups Directory
All the Members, CIOFF UK Groups shall receive a free detailed entry in the CIOFF International Folklore Groups Directory on the CIOFF Website Intranet (

Invitations from CIOFF World Festivals
All the members shall receive details of invitations to UK dance and music groups from International CIOFF festivals in other countries both directly through “CIOFF UK News Bulletin” and using members “log in” on CIOFF UK Web-site.

Application from the International Groups
All the members shall receive details of overseas dance groups willing to take part in UK Festivals.

Use of CIOFF UK Logo
All the members shall have an option to use CIOFF UK Logo on any folklore events they organise themselves in the UK. The logo is available on request in electronic format.

Sale of Merchandize
All the Members of CIOFF UK can submit their merchandize items (CDs, DVDs, Books, photos, etc.) for sale at the Billingham Festival online store at

Support and advice
Where possible the members can receive initial contact support and advice from CIOFF UK on their trips abroad or visits of the international groups. At present CIOFF UK is not in a position to give financial support to individual organisations and groups.

All the members have a right to attend the CIOFF UK Annual General Meetings, but only full members of CIOFF UK are entitled to vote at the AGM.

All rights CIOFF UK 2000